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We are pleased to introduce ourselves – crewing agency in Kherson City, Ukraine "Alliance Navigation"


Alliance Navigation is a Crew Manning Agency, which has been successfully working in the market of marine personnel recruitment since 2000.
We have good experience in a selection and choice of skilled employees and rating for the different types of courts.
We can provide complete or partial crew as well as specialists for individual contracts.
Alliance Navigation pursues a policy of recruiting, training and retaining highly skilled crew to meet all the necessary requirements of Ship owners.
 As a measure towards maintaining the high quality of Alliance Navigation services, we control directly the selection and employment of seafarers and on-shore personnel. 
      We believe in knowledge developing and skills. It helps people to achieve individual goals and job satisfaction, contribute to the resources, strategy and success of our company. 
        For now, we have our crew personnel database containing more than 18000 seamen, which increases daily.

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